Fried Eggs. Portable Street Art

This is a new kind of street art. Take it with you and live happily ever kind of art. These little fried eggs were placed in the Crossroads arts district on a wall outside of a cutting edge gallery.


This fried egg is was placed in downtown Kansas City in the Crossroads arts district. The joy of placing it somewhere temporarily is that possibility of someone walking along and picking it up. THIS is the difference between graffiti and portable street art.  This fried egg is made from felt backed vinyl with a heavy body yellow acrylic paint.

Fried Egg

It turns out that portable street art has the same joy of graffiti, but has the added bonus that someone might just pick it up and take it home, or might connect here online. The goal of this art is to infuse a whimsical element to a very organized  uncreative suburban landscape. This particular piece was placed in a median close to a highway entrance in suburban Kansas City. The red light is quite long here and the landscape is quite boring.