street art

Are You Ready?

IMG_3256Did you find this painting somewhere on the street? Can you tell me about it? This is an attempt to give street art, provenance, something not possible with traditional street art. This was left in downtown Overland Park, across the street from Dragon Inn. Cheers!

Mediocrity is Poison

photo-54Don’t kid yourself. Mediocrity will knock you down and drag you into a stupor slowly, slowly. Don’t always trust the pats on the back. Really. This reminder not to fall prey to the dangers of being average was left outside of the central library in Johnson County, Kansas. This library is not falling for any type of mediocrity and is stellar on every level. Thank you tax dollars.

VOTE- Don’t be a Schmuck

Vote- Don’t be a schmuck

Apathy is the ultimate sin. Today’s portable street art is attempting to drive that point home in a parking lot in Leawood, Kansas. Yes, the parking lot is found in a state  that is SO red, that presidential candidates don’t even bother campaigning here.  Regardless of our political leanings, it is still our prerogative to vote.