IMG_4896This 6×6 small painting was created with the intention of joy.┬áThe whimsical nature of finding something you didn’t know you were looking for might enhance your day. It was left in downtown OverlandPark at the post office. Enjoy. If you found it, please share what you plan to do with it. Love, Mom


making the world better with free art

Portable street art is a new and evolving experiment, which now includes little wooden paintings. Why? The person who decided to pick it up was hopefully amused by their new find. That is why. This one was made with spray paint and was left outside of a new event space in Kansas City called, “The Guild”.

Alphabet portable street art

This portable street art is a diversion from the traditional fried eggs scattered around. This was creating using spray paint on a small wooden 3×3 canvas. It was places in front of a fabulous general store in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. It was placed conspicuously for someone to admire and take home. Is there such thing as a free lunch? YES.